How Do I Get My 1095 B From New York State Of Health?

This comprehensive guide aims to help you understand health insurance forms especially the question How Do I Get My 1095 B From New York State Of Health? and how you can get a 1095-B form from the NY State of Health and plan for a smoother and possibly more favourable tax period.

Tax times mean lots of paperwork and deadlines. Do not worry, we have you covered New Yorkers!

How Do I Get My 1095B Form From Ny State Of Health

How Do I Get My 1095-B from the New York State of Health?

Affordable Care Act (ACA) was established using an easy-to-use online marketplace called New York State of Health which made it easier to access quality health insurance plans by New Yorkers.

  • Here’s What the NY State of Health Does:
    • Plan Comparison: Easily review different qualified health insurance companies’ plans within your area and choose the one that suits you best depending on your budget or requirements.
    • Financial Assistance: Various types of subsidies can help lower the cost of health insurance coverage for individuals or families who qualify.
    • Enrollment Assistance: The enrollment process involves free enrollment counsellors who walk with you in this journey, answer any questions regarding the application process and provide support throughout your enrollment period.

Decoding the 1095-B Form:

The official Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document – Form 1095-B, Health Coverage Information, shows your health coverage information for the previous year. It is essential when filing taxes correctly especially if your coverage was provided through means other than your employer say Medicaid, Essential Plan or childPlus in New York.

Who Sends You the 1095-B Form?

the agency or program that administers your Medicaid, Essential Plan, or Child Plus would send you this B form related to the health insurance issuer /administrator of your coverage.

What Information Does the 1095-B Form Include?

This form has vital details about your health insurance policy as shown below:

  • Your Name and Social Security Number:  They ensure accurate identification for tax purposes.
  • Policyholder Information:  Facts about the primary person on the insurance policy.
  • Plan Information:  The specific name of your medical insurance plan and the type of coverage it provides.
  • Coverage Dates:  The period(s) throughout which you had health insurance coverage during the year.
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Understanding the Differences Between 1095 Forms:

It is essential to distinguish between different kinds of 1095 forms used for tax reporting purposes:

FormDescriptionIssued By
1095-AHealth Insurance Marketplace StatementHealth Insurance Marketplace where you enrolled (not NY State of Health if you enrolled directly in Medicaid/Essential Plan/Child Health Plus)
1095-BHealth Coverage InformationYour health insurance issuer or administrator (e.g., Medicaid, Essential Plan, Child Health Plus administrator)
1095-CEmployer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and CoverageYour employer

Eligibility for Receiving a 1095-B from NY State of Health

Who Can Expect a 1095-B Form from the NY State of Health?
In case you registered for any New York Medicaid, Essential Plan or Child Plus program during last year’s tax season, expect this B form from NYSOH.

Exceptions and Special Circumstances:

  • If you received health insurance through your employer or a Marketplace other than the NY State of Health, you will receive a 1095-C form from your employer or the Marketplace you used.
  • If you did not have health insurance coverage for the entire year, you may not receive a 1095-B form.

Obtaining Your 1095-B from the NY State of Health

There are many possible ways to How Do I Get My 1095 B From New York State Of Health?

  • Automatic Delivery: In some cases, the NY State of Health will mail out its 1095-B forms to qualified individuals in early February.
  • Requesting a Copy Online: where found necessary about one’s particular program, use your confidential account with the New York State of Health on the internet and download it there.
  • Contacting NY State of Health Customer Service: Try reaching out to NY State of Health customer service if they haven’t sent you the form by early February or can’t get it online.
  • Understanding Deadlines and Timelines: It is very important to remember IRS tax filing deadlines. The exact date changes every year but usually falls in April. Always try obtaining your form where necessary way before the due date to give yourself more time to review the information provided therein while ensuring correct payment of taxes.
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Troubleshooting Your 1095-B

Common issues like those outlined below can be sorted out when filling your 1095-B:

  • Non-receipt of 1095-B Form: use this as a guide; if there is no response by early February check your online account (if applicable) or contact NYSOH customer service requesting a status update or replacement.
  • Errors or Discrepancies on the Form: Check carefully the data contained in your Form 1095B. In case there are any inconsistencies in your details or coverage period, communicate with your Medicaid, Essential Plan or Child Health Plus administrator and ask them to correct the mistake and provide you with a clean copy of form 1095-B.

Steps to Resolve Issues:

  • Contact NY State of Health customer service in case any difficulties with retrieving your form or delays in its delivery are encountered.
  • Reach out to the agency or program that administers your Medicaid, Essential Plan, or Child Health Plus coverage to report errors on your form and request a corrected version.

The Significance of the 1095-B for Tax Filing

If you got health care coverage through programs like Medicaid, Essential Plan, or Child Health Plus then when filing taxes include Form 1095-B as per IRS regulations. These are some reasons why:

  • IRS Requirement: This is an important document for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) since they use it to confirm whether you had health insurance during the taxable year allowing you to claim certain tax credits like the Premium Tax Credit.
  • Accurate Tax Filing: You should ensure that you file your returns with correct information from 1095B so that all relevant tax rebates/reliefs associated with this particular health cover may be captured accordingly.
  • Potential Consequences: At times not attaching Form 1095-B in case it is required could lead to postponed clearing of the refund by IRS after processing one’s returns and sometimes penalties if imposed.
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Tips for a Smooth 1095-B Processing Experience:

You can adopt different steps that will help make it easier for you to fill out your 1095-B forms:

  • Maintain Your Current Contact Information: Ensure that the information you have provided to the NY State of Health (if applicable) and your Medicaid, Essential Plan or Child Health Plus coverage issuer is correct to send you the form promptly.
  • Familiarize Yourself with Your Coverage and Eligibility: Understand your health insurance plan, including the periods of coverage and any changes made during the year.
  • Stay Informed About Tax Filing Requirements: Stay updated on tax filing deadlines and any changes related to tax regulations concerning health insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help to clear your doubts if you feel unsure about how to obtain or use a 1095-B form:

What if I didn’t receive a 1095-B form?

Check your online account (if applicable) or call NY State of Health customer service by early February to ask about its status or request a copy if it hasn’t arrived yet.

Can I file my taxes without a 1095-B?

In certain circumstances, taxpayers may be able to e-file without their 1095-B. However, it is better to include it, especially when it affects eligibility for tax breaks. Consult the IRS website or an expert in tax issues for guidance on this matter.

How do I correct errors on my 1095-B?

Find out who administrates Medicaid, Essential Plan or Child Health Plus in your program area and notify them about the error. They will investigate it and provide revised data on time.


Understanding what is 1095-B form and ‘How Do I Get My 1095 B From New York State Of Health?’ enables you to move through the tax season with confidence. Through in-depth study of your 1095-B form, and its use for correct tax return filing, guarantees a smoother and more beneficial tax season.

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